Travel Accessories

There are all sorts of things to help make the shrinking seats and other not so glamorous aspects of traveling a bit more bearable or even comfortable. With all the kick-starter campaigns and other ways people can get their ideas funded and made I’ve been seeing more and more things that I’d like to have myself!

So far I don’t have any of the below but they are items on my wish-list:

Trtl NapScarf

I always wondered if I should buy one of those thick donuts to help me sleep on planes, but they actually look uncomfortable in the sense that I’m pretty sure they’d end up pushing my head forward. When I saw this I thought it better resolved my reservations, took up less space and I totally want it!

The Airhook

One of the issues I do have when I come prepared with my own movies etc to watch on the plane is either not having neck hurt from looking down at it or my hand cramping from having to hold it for long flights. This solves that issue!


Pocket Underwear

This is actually a little silly, but I can see being helpful when traveling to certain places. Also it would help quell my mind, because I have lost my passport before, and this would make it much harder for that to happen again.

Women's Cotton Underwear

Hush Earbuds

This one I just kind of want for my regular life, noisy upstairs neighbors, but I can see being helpful during travel too. Blocks out noise so you can sleep without interruption, which is good for a light sleeper like myself, and I don’t have to worry about oversleeping because it uses Bluetooth to connect to my phones alarm.

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