Growing up I didn’t think much of traveling, but I did get to regularly visit family in El Salvador. Now that I’m older I am incredibly thankful for all those trips and experiences. But, my first thrust into the unknown was when I studied abroad in Hyogo, Japan my sophomore year of high school. However, it wasn’t until college that I really gained that insatiable curiosity to explore more places, because that was when I took the leap to live on the West Coast and through friends I was able to cheaply visit Japan. Ever since then I’ve gotten that itch to go and explore somewhere new. One thing that I particularly enjoy about traveling is trying all the different kinds of food, so sometimes my plans wrap around places I want to eat. Other than that my interest in a place is usually spurred by my interest in the history, friends I’ve made from the area, or an introduction to the culture through pop-culture.

I was intrigued by blogging, but wasn’t sure it was for me as I never really considered myself a writer. But, I kept coming across other travel blogs when looking for future travel ideas, and sharing my experiences with friends is something I’ve always enjoyed. Also, I have a kind of travel bucket-list that’s just been growing and growing. So, I thought a travel blog could be something fun, and a way for me to keep track of and share my experiences. For now, however, I was going to go through my previous travels and photos to build up my blog, which will also give me time to save up for my next trip! I hope you enjoy my travels and maybe spur the travel bug in you like others did for me.