There seem to be more and more Whiskey Distilleries popping up across Brooklyn. This past weekend we visited the oldest operating whiskey distillery, Kings County Distillery. When I hear this I think back before or around prohibition, but due to various limitations, laws, etc they’ve actually been ‘officially’ operating since 2010. The building is a nice old brick building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and one of the castle looking mini-towers at the entrance of the yard is their bar, which has snacks and really good cocktails. The building is small, but it’s a functioning distillery so you get the smells and surroundings of the real thing!



The tour itself is only $8, which is an incredible deal, because not only does the guide give you a thorough history but you get to walk through the whole facility, finishing off with a tasting! It’s an intimate tour and the groups don’t seem to be larger than maybe 15 or so people. Our group was only 9 people, so it made our experience great fun. They even give you a little whiskey bottle button as proof of purchase. Because it was raining when we went our tour started indoors, but they start you off by walking you through the history of the owners and the distillery and how the laws surrounding liquor and the production of liquor affected the areas distilleries etc. It was really interesting.

From there they take you downstairs into the main area where they make their whiskeys, bourbon and moonshine! The guide walks you through the process, explaining what each piece of equipment does etc, and all the while you can smell the barley and the staff is just going about their daily work. The tour then makes one more stop upstairs in the storage room where they age the various experimental flavors and special batches.

Once the tour is complete you get to have a tasting! We got to try their moonshine, bourbon, jalapeno flavored bourbon, chocolate flavored bourbon, and peated bourbon. Legally they can only offer you 4 options, so for the last taster you had to choose between the chocolate and the peated. But because there were 3 of us we got one of each so that we could share and taste all 5! This was a great way to spend the beginning of our afternoon, and something that’s good for both visitors and locals.