Dun Laoghaire was my solo day side-trip from Dublin. It was an easy train ride from Connolly Station, and since it’s a smaller town you can explore the whole area by just walking around. It’s especially helpful that the train station in right in the center of town and right by the ocean as well.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was that I got luck with beautiful weather, which made it especially refreshing and relaxing to have the ocean breeze coupled with the quietness of the sleepy town. Also right by the water was the Queen Victoria fountain, which looked really pretty against the bright sun’s rays.


It’s easy to lose track of time while exploring the harbor and walking along the ocean’s edge. There’s spots along the way where you can climb down onto the rocks with the ocean splashing up against them and nice park areas to sit and relax. I even came across a little ice cream shop where I grabbed the ‘recession special,’ grabbing a seat outside to enjoy it in the summer sun.

Since I did limited research on the town I chose to just wander through the streets and see what I came across along the way to pass the time until  lunch. It was nice seeing the houses and strolling through the neighborhoods.

In one of the various reviews I read on Dun Laoghaire a couple highly recommended the restaurant Cavistons Food Emporium, which, after looking it up, looked really good. Their specialty seemed to be seafood, which I love, and since they are right by the ocean they have access to super fresh options as well. The dining area was a small quaint style restaurant, and I was the only one who came in that the staff didn’t know by name. It felt very homey and small-town-ish because of that friendly familiarity. Also, this meal had to be the best meal I had in Ireland during my trip! Everything was simply delicious! So, if you happen to stop by Dun Laoghaire I highly suggest this restaurant.