Another day trip I took from Dublin was a bus tour excursion to the west coast of Ireland to see the Cliffs of Moher. The tour guide gave us some quiet time, but also told us about various Irish folklore, history, and other tidbits. It was really interesting and it was nice that they made various stops on the way there and back. But watching the beautiful scenery pass us by made me want to go back and take my time through the Irish countryside. The greens were so vibrant and the land looked so lush. I can’t explain why but part of the wanderlust inspired by this was me wanting to ride a horse through the countryside as well. It sounds like a lot of fun to me!

The Moher Cliffs themselves were beautiful and incredibly impressive. Luckily they gave us a good amount of time to walk along the trail and explore. Walking up the path we realized that part of the edge of the cliffs overlapped with someone’s private land, but they had the fence setup so visitors could continue along the cliff’s edge. The difference was that the land on the private property was clearly not as stable and safe, because the ground was naturally very soft and sometimes sank or crumbled under your feet. Some people got on the very edge for photos, but I didn’t want to chance it and end up falling, because I’m a huge klutz so would rather not tempt fate.

On the way back to Dublin the guide gave us the option to stop and get out at Burren National Park, and I’m ecstatic that everyone on the bus agreed to it. The cliffs were an impressive sight, but Burren National Park captured my imagination. I have never seen such rock or ground formations like that before and it covered the landscape for as far as you could see. It was truly a sight and experience I will not soon forget. The guide mentioned that locals often come to the area to camp, and if I get the chance I’d definitely be interested in that one day.

Another stop along the way was Corcomroe Abbey/Mainistir Chorca Mruaa. Getting off the bus I didn’t know what we were walking up to until I saw the placard with the history. Since we had limited time I simply took a photo of it to read later. You could see a few houses sprinkled around off in the distance, but otherwise the ruins had nothing surrounding them but the green landscape and stone walls stretching out in every direction. The atmosphere and quiet made for an almost eerie emptiness but at the same time it felt very calm as you walked through the grounds. It seemed a bit out of the way for the average traveler, but if it happens to be en route for you it’s an interesting little stop.